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We Have Rebranded

SPOR AV have rebranded to become SPOR.

Following further growth of the company we are expanding our services to capture the essence of workplace technology transformation. This essence is not only restricted to corporate AV solutions. We have recognised that IT and AV are two worlds quickly merging, so we have expanded our expertise and resources to provide IT managed services offering hardware, software and cloud solutions.

SPOR can now offer Industry-leading technologies to businesses internationally. Our private cloud platform provides Production, Backup, Disaster Recovery & Archive as a service in a consumption-based model.

We have a well-known and established reputation within most business verticals and are particularly strong in the manufacturing, healthcare, sports, leisure, and hospitality industries, providing bespoke technologies that enhance the customer, consumer and fan experience.

Come to us with your challenges or requirements, however simple or complex, and our teams will work with you to develop a tailored and integrated solution for your business for all of your IT needs.

There's more..........

In order to truly provide a one stop shop for our clients workplace technology requirements, we are also now able to offer structured cabling as part of our projects. This will allow our clients to have confidence that all aspects of workplace technology design and integration are covered through one contract.

Your network is vital to your operations and delivery on your commitments. Working with SPOR enables you to concentrate on project delivery with the reassurance that your network is there to support your operations.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss workplace technology and how we can support.

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