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The Launch of SPOR AV

SPOR AV, the innovative and forward thinking Audio Visual Integration company have officially launched for trading.

Standardisation Made Simple

In today's working environment, employees want their workspaces to be more than just an office. They want to be connected, engaged and productive. With consistently evolving technology available to users, it is easy to be confused when trying to design a meeting room which has the correct collaboration technology for the users. It is not uncommon for IT Managers and Facilities Managers to spend months going backwards and forwards with countless revisions and time consuming consultancy activities. SPOR AV have made it their mission to simplify this process for users by providing predesigned rooms which are affordable, scalable and above all functional. Leave the technology to SPOR AV, so that your teams can benefit from maintaining their own productive output.

Collaboration Technology Installed Quickly and Easily

The founding directors of SPOR AV have used their experiences working with clients including the biggest companies in the world to provide scalable, simple and intuitive solutions that are now accessible to smaller organisations and larger blue chip enterprises whose aim it is to cut costs and deploy technology in a simple way. Solutions provided to SPOR AV clients include all things needed for digital collaboration within the workplace and include: 

- Digital Signage  

- Meeting Room Technology 

- Digital Content Sharing Capability 

- Video Conferencing Technology  

- Video Walls 


- Auditoriums

Standardised Rooms

At SPOR AV we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to your business collaboration needs. But years of experience has taught us that the vast majority of AV enabled meeting spaces all include the same base functionality.

So we decided to create the flexible SPOR AV Standard Systems.

Simply configure your system, follow the steps and your standard technology solution is designed up front. Saving you time and money whilst ensuring that you have a solution that works, increasing user adoption and maximising your return on investment.

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