SPOR AV's Friday Run Down

By the time I've finished writing this sentence, the coronavirus situation will likely have changed again..............

Yep. I was right. Dammit.

With things moving so fast, it can be hard to keep up, to keep our heads and to keep going. But keep going we must, and so here's your first in a series of SPOR AV Friday Run Down for you.

I have no idea how one manages something like an entire school year not being able to sit exams, or the expected numbers of people in ITU, or the supply chain for grocery stores with borders closed across the world. It's quite enough of a challenge managing our staff here at SPOR AV (who are all well, thank you) - I can't imagine what it must be like running the country, especially in times like these.

Fortunately that's not our job, so all we can do is our best to stay safe, and to look out for others. Let's not regress to base emotions in it all, but pray that this whole thing brings out the very best in us as a nation and a species.

Over the recent weeks the team here at SPOR AV have been working really hard to support our customers with last minute technology for them to be able to work from home. We are probably a week into that journey now and i have seen endless amounts of innovative ways that people are keeping themselves entertained whilst at home. As a side note - Given the fact that children will be staying home, I think we are only a short time away from parents realising that i was not the teacher that but in fact 'little johnny' that was naughty.

OK; let's crack on!

We are all working from home. Dammit!

The dogs are barking, the washing machine and dishwasher are extremely loud and we have gauged our way through the biscuit tin (the shops shelves are also empty so we cannot replenish that sacred tin).

No fear - The SPOR AV Tip of the Week is a simple one:


That's right. In your panic of making sure that you are looking busy whilst you are working from home try not to spend every waking hour at your laptop. Take some time away, do some light stretches or a little workout in the living room. I am not saying you need to become Joe Wicks but you would be surprised how mentally refreshing it is to take some time away from the laptop and just move.

Rave Magazine published a true innovation by showcasing the Novisign Digital Signage Hand Sanitezer Kiosk (Read the article here https://www.ravepubs.com/rave-pubs/proav-news/)

It is a specially designed free standing wall mount which doubles up in functionality as a hand sanitizer.

Given the current health circumstances i think this is a pretty cool bit of kit to encourage your workers to sanitize whilst having the added benefit of displaying content that you want them to see.

The SPOR AV Work from home bundles have been extremely popular this week for obvious reasons. The website has now been updated and all bundles can be viewed using this link.

Just because you can set up an amazing remote office does not mean you should forget the SPOR AV Tip of the Week though - Sorry