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New Partnership Announcement

SPOR AV are absolutely delighted to announce that we are now partnering with Oblong, one of the worlds leading manufacturers in immersive collaboration technology.


The Future of Work is Here

Mezzanine™ is an immersive collaboration platform for the enterprise. Surround your teams with everything they need to perform at their best — videoconference and share content across the globe in a truly dynamic workspace. Mezzanine is the competitive advantage that makes presentations more engaging, meetings more productive, and collaboration better than ever.

Transform flat meetings into immersive collaboration


Immerse Yourself in Infopresence

Only Mezzanine powers a dynamic, multiwall canvas that immerses your team in live video, applications, and more. This is Infopresence, where everything your team needs is visible and accessible. You literally get the big picture you need to make the best decisions.

Built to Engage

From its groundbreaking gestural interface to BYOD-friendly controls, every aspect of Mezzanine is designed to make everyone on your team empowered and engaged in the work at hand.

Extreme Collaboration

Work together like never before by bringing multiple devices and locations into a shared workspace. Include remote participants with Mezz-In. Now, everyone can collaborate as if they were side-by-side.


Mezzanine Features

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