Massive News!!!!

SPOR AV Can Officially Confirm Their Referral Partner Status With Zoom

To celebrate this new partnership we take a look at how schools enhance education by turning classrooms into zoom rooms.

It’s back-to-school time for so many educators, students, and parents! Teachers are setting up their classrooms, students are getting their supplies together, and parents are anxiously awaiting the first day of school (if classes haven’t started already). The new school year brings new opportunities to learn and connect, and there are even more ways to connect your classroom with Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform.

With SPOR AV's partnership with Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms, it’s now so easy for nearly anyone to set up a one-tap-join and wireless-sharing video classroom that we enlisted the help of two first-graders to prove it to you. Watch the full video here:

Available in small, medium, and large configurations, a Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms kit includes all the components you need to get your Zoom Room up and running. These systems include a Windows IoT computer with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software, a Logitech conference cam, PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller. All you need is a display which can also be provided by SPOR AV's partnership with NEC, Samsung and Sony

With Zoom for Education’s connected classrooms, educators can expand how they provide interactive learning experiences. For instance, teachers are able to take their students on virtual field trips to see giant sequoias or underwater kelp forests through the California State Parks’ PORTS program, a valuable resource for classes that cannot make the physical trip due to time and cost constraints.

Additionally, Zoom’s video-first unified communications and Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms can help:

- Parents attend parent/teacher conferences or student performances remotely when they can’t attend in person.

- Students connect with other students across the district, the country, and even around the world. - - Administrators more efficiently conduct staff training and evaluations

Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms offer an innovative way for this generation of students — one that’s already embraced video technology in daily life — to participate in its own education. For more on Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms, visit