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Huddle Spaces – the hot topic dominating workplace discussion.

Huddle rooms: currently a hot topic for business owners and companies world-wide, as global organisations attempt to ‘reinvent the wheel’ of modern-day working. It’s time to move on from the open-plan office spaces that have dominated workplace structure for the last decade, and welcome in new innovative ways of working safely and productively. During a time of social distancing and strict COVID-19 regulations, we are awakened to the importance of workplace technology and the ability to communicate and collaborate seamlessly despite the challenges of hindered human interaction. Naturally, over the course of the last year, we have become accustomed to home working routines, each of us retreating to the quiet corners of our home comforts to work independently. For many of us, this unprecedented shift has been a welcome and refreshing change but there’s no denying that the hustle and creativity of a communal office workspace has been sorely missed by the majority.

For the businesses that most rely on the cardinal availability for free-flowing conversation, group discussion and collaborative brainstorm sessions, this unexpected move has presented challenges and obstacles immensely difficult to overcome. Newsrooms and editorial desks, advertising, marketing and design agencies, just a handful of business arenas hit hardest by the global pandemic.

The finance sector, where responsibility is often shared between roles of specialist professionals, will undoubtedly be feeling the impact of this drastic change in workplace behaviour. Now, they’ll join the several other industries in a campaign to revolutionise workplace strategies and streamline processes to improve business performance across the board.

Here’s the biggest thing we’ve learned this year – traditional workplace infrastructures simply no longer work, it’s time to reimagine the ways of our labour, but most importantly how we collaborate, communicate and meet through the realm of opportunity provided by the rapid acceleration of technology.

Meet the huddle room – a ground-breaking, innovative concept that delivers solutions to some of the most compromising workplace challenges. A meeting space specifically developed to integrate real-time office productivity with home working teams and the epic centre piece of effective and seamless hybrid working performance. Not simply a buzz-word for forward-thinking business decision makers, this is workplace interaction redefined and organisations who adapt the business model to facilitate this new, but lasting trend, are certain to unlock a pandora’s box of opportunity.

So how does it work? Well, certainly not how it has done in the past. The provision to gather around a table to view a singular screen now compromises the most stringent of health and safety standards set out on a global level. Huddle spaces reinvent the ways in which groups can access information and share ideas in a safe and secure environment. A large easy-to-view screen, such as the I3 Huddle interactive touch screen can be placed on a communal wall to facilitate a fast, easy and wireless screen-sharing experience. SPOR’s huddle spaces are designed to accommodate between 2-6 people at any one time which means social distancing can be strictly adhered to without impacting the visual requirements for essential productivity.

For larger teams adopting a hybrid working pattern where office footfall is beginning to rise but the majority still work remotely, SPOR’s huddle spaces offer a convenient solution for connectivity. Our all-in-one packages integrate the very best of modern technology, providing radical simplicity that maximises performance and facilitates a seamless and refreshing conferencing experience.

The Logitech All-In-One Video Conferencing bar is just one of the many solutions we can provide to customers, at SPOR. Merging remarkable video quality with superior room-filling sound, this powerful and impressive video conferencing equipment demonstrates technology at its absolute finest. Expect a fully functional camera with AI room finder, exceptional optical accuracy and zoom features, alongside faultless sound capabilities. With remote working now an expected lasting workplace behaviour, Logitech has made it easier than ever for teams to connect with colleagues, partners and clients with their state-of-the-art and expertly pioneered solution. Of course, this fast acceleration in technological performance has seen many other big brand names rise to the top as products hit high-in-demand lists across a vast variety of business sectors. Poly are also now leading the way in innovation with their own all-in-one conferencing solutions with packages that offer a near frictionless functionality. With minimal cabling, Poly advertises the solutions available as fast, easy and effortlessly manageable. Allowing clients to connect via Zooms, Teams and other video conferencing platforms.

At SPOR, we know adequate connectivity is key to performance and productivity. We work with leading manufacturers to provide industry-best technology for your office huddle spaces. With our expertise and experience, we’ll improve your business collaboration, bringing you the very latest in innovation developed to power up performance. Whatever the challenges you’re currently facing, be it finding a safe designated place to regroup and collaborate, to video facilities substandard in quality, SPOR are equipped with cost-effective huddle space solutions, we know will elevate your communications.

To talk to us about the products available and to discuss a SPOR huddle space, designed, developed and installed specifically for you and your business, pick up the phone and speak to one of our specialist product advisors today. We know you mean business, and we’re here to make sure you do it well. Discover collaboration like never before, discover SPOR.

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