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How to update your office environment with simple monthly payments.

Have you ever considered updating your office with technology solutions to provide truly flexible working? video Conference capabilities, digital signage, room booking, occupancy sensor technology. It's all extremely important in todays highly agile and flexible environment. But how do you pay for it?

Option 1 - Capital Expenditure.

All well and good but its a large expense on a depreciating asset. The problem with this approach is the large up front costs for designing, supplying and installing this equipment. technology moves quickly, and with a large up front costs, its difficult for you not to try to get the most out of those assets. Ultimately, over a 3-5 year period, your brand new shiny technology turns into a prehistoric dinosaur.

Option 2 - Leasing

Leasing allows you to consistently deliver a sustainable circular solution to your users and stakeholders to Acquire, Deploy, Manage and Refresh Technology leading to greater efficiencies and cost reductions for your organisations.

SPOR's Approach

Added value at each stage of the technology lifecycle

SPOR Approach

Benefits of Asset Management Approach with SPOR

Financial Advantages

1 - Capital preserved and directed towards core activities Fixed, known payments through term 2 - Alignment of charges to useful life 3 - Increased flexibility to asset usage 4 - Improved ROCE performance 5 - Asset transparency through iClams 6 - Removed risk of obsolescence and end of life costs for technology equipment Helps to embed a culture of regular refresh for cost and efficiencies gain

SPOR Approach

Delivering a Circular Sustainable Solution to Technology

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