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How to Simplify Video Conference Solutions with Lifesize

For more than a decade, Lifesize has been at the forefront of audio, web and video conferencing. Combining an integrated, best-in-class cloud-based conferencing experience with award-winning, easy-to-use HD camera systems and HD phones, Lifesize continue to bring people together for successful meetings no matter the distance.

A Video Solution for Every Meeting Space.

Small Spaces Need a Perfectly Simple Solution Huddle rooms provide flexible meeting spaces for spontaneous collaboration. The technology supporting them needs to be as fluid as the conversations inside of them. Lifesize® Icon 450™ and Lifesize® Phone™ HD seamlessly integrate audio, web and video conferencing with programmable touchscreen control and exceptional audio and video quality. It’s an unparalleled huddle room experience.

The smartphone for your conference room video, web and audio calling.

Lifesize is built to support all the different ways people meet, including audio conferencing with HD wideband audio quality. Every Lifesize user is issued both a video and audio bridge number with local dial-in numbers in over 50 countries — perfect for connecting up to 50-way calls. In the conference room, the Lifesize® Phone™ HD brings all of the essential conferencing functions right to the intuitive touchscreen interface. Share your screen, launch calls, add users from the integrated directory and control the video pan/tilt/zoom right from the phone. It’s a meeting experience like no other.

Lifesize® Camera 10x™ offers the highest quality zoom capability for any size office, conference room, meeting center or auditorium where Full HD quality video must be captured over a distance. To further advance image clarity and flexibility of use, Lifesize Camera 10x delivers immersive image quality in a wide range of light conditions, including lowlight environments such as an executive boardroom or a large university lecture hall.

Lifesize Camera 10x is designed to support and enhance HD video communications by providing lifelike video quality through 10x optical zoom, better low-light handling in medium and large spaces and support for Full HD 1080p up to 60 frames per second. Lifesize Camera 10x, bundled with any of the Lifesize® 220™ or Lifesize® Icon™ Series offerings, perfectly captures every gesture and facial expression. It’s so detailed and true to life, it’s as if you are there.

With smooth, quiet pan/tilt/zoom handling and the anti-glare visor, Lifesize Camera 10x ensures that conference participants and the information being shared remain the focus of the HD video call. Lifesize Camera 10x is the ideal choice for a truly collaborative, true-to-life communication experience.


Lifesize Share

No more cables. No more dongles. Simply share.

Presentations have never been easier with Lifesize Share. Gone are the days of frantically searching for the right cable or dongle to start your meeting; now you can cut the clutter and present wirelessly from any device using your web browser or Apple AirPlay.


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Wirelessly Present from your Phone

Playing a Video

Sharing your Screen


Lifesize Dash

Lifesize Dash™ helps you transform your small, underutilised phone or huddle rooms into video-connected, collaboration hotspots that are perfect for meetings. Perfect for getting cosy with just one to two people, but with all the functionality of a full-scale conferencing system.


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