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How do you prepare your employees to work from home?

Allowing employees to work from home offers huge benefits to any business. Employees who work from home have the ability to reduce their stress levels, complete mundane admin private tasks (MOT, dentist etc) whilst remaining productive without the need to commute into work. Meanwhile, allowing employees to work from home offers cast saving benefits to employers due to the reduction in property costs, office supplies and ensuring that fewer in house employees need to be accounted for.

At the time of writing, one of the key global challenges is managing the Corona Virus. So how do employers provide the correct technology for their workers to work from home whilst ensuring that they are productive and avoid external distractions?

Offer Tools to Make Working Remotely Easy

Is your company still working in the cave man era with technology which is outdated and does not allow users to work from any location? If so, now is the time to consider updating your technology support. Whilst it is all good and well asking your employees to work from home, it is completely beneficial if they do not have the tools to do so. For remote workiers, things to consider are:

Cloud based software tools

Cloudbased software tools offer users the ability and flexibility to be able to access and share information across a number of devices completely remotely no matter where they are in the world. A lag in communication can be costly if your users do not have access to a cloud based software collaboration tool. It is particularly crucial to find the right tools to stay in touch with the rest of the team.

A simplified video conferencing and messaging software like @Zoom for example, will allow users to simply and effectively communicate and collaborate with both your internal teams and your external

Effective Hardware Solutions

Before sending your employees out into the remote working world, ensure your facility is set up to handle a whole new way of working. Employees who remain in the office full-time will need modern tools and technologies to connect with the remote workforce. This means installing large displays in conference rooms, establishing call conferencing solutions and ensuring that your users have the correct tools to be able to communicate effectively remotely.

Open workspaces and home environments are great for collaboration, but not so great when the conversations or noises around you make it hard to concentrate (washing machine or dogs). A suitable headset avoids these distractions and the Logitech Zone solutions are perfect. With active noise cancellation that reduces unwanted ambient sound, a Zone Wireless headset can help you focus on the task at hand and get more stuff done. Think of it as a personal portal to acoustic serenity amidst a sea of otherwise distracting noise. Same workspace, but with a sound experience that you control.

Lets not forget video

When you can’t meet in person, it is vital that you create a similar experience with a suitable camera. The Logitech C925e Webcam is perfect for small personal laptops which help maintain team productivity. Full 1080p high-definition video at 30 frames per second delivers true-to-life clarity.

The C925e Webcam features a 78-degree field of view, just right for one or two people. With RightLight™ 2 Technology, the C925e intelligently adjusts to improve visual quality in low-light and backlit situations.

The opportunity to be able to work remotely allows companies to keep up to date and productive in this fast moving world. This style of working offers greater flexibility to employees, allowing them to work in environments that best suit their lifestyles. That said, it takes a lot of work to make sure remote employees remain connected with each other and the office.

It is for this reason that SPOR AV have now arranged collaboration bundles for any clients looking to update their flexible workplace technology offerings. We have 2 offerings available:

1 - Logitech Zone Headset with the Logitech C925e camera.

2 - Logitech Zone Headset with the Logitech Brio Camera.

Both options are Microsoft, Zoom, Bluejeans, Cisco and Poly certified and are the perfect companion for your workers to work effectively remotely.

Contact us today for prices on these bundles.

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