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Visionable fit-out

Visionable’s main mission is to provide connective healthcare. The brief from our client was simple – provide reliable video conferencing technology that aids collaborative communication between Visionable and their key partners and clients, including the NHS.

SPOR has successfully designed, developed and integrated conferencing and demonstration facilities for our client, supporting them with internal and external communications across the company.


  • Design

  • Supply

  • Install

  • Control Centres

  • Video Conference Rooms

  • Ambulance Simulator

  • Hospital Ward Simulator

  • Virtual Fitting Room


Complete fit-out of emergency services simulator technology



This was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever been involved in, what we were helping the NHS here was truly saving lives. We were reducing the risk of Doctors contracting or spreading Covid to others or vulnerable people in the NHS and at the same time actually increasing their productivity. Hats off to all the NHS staff we worked with. What a bunch of true heroes, although the Hospital at that time was being overwhelmed due to Covid, they were professional and calm and just got the job done. It was our pleasure to o our little bit to help them make their lives that little bit easier.

Chris Spence, Sales Director - SPOR

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The NHS /Visionable project for their MDT rooms at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust was a great project to work ok. Our clients rapidly needed 5 new MDT rooms spread over three hospitals within their trust, to help with multi-disciplinary meetings.


The urgent need for this was accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. Doctors and specialists still needed to be a part of the pre-operative discussions, however COVID-19 restrictions created issues for many critical teams isolating at home or unable to attend in person. We needed to provide a solution that also reduced the unnecessary need for doctors to travel between hospitals within the Trust.


By using a Visionable software and a mix of hardware technologies they were able to show multiple feeds, x-ray, microscope, PC feeds and more, to the far end all at the same time, enabling doctors to review and compare information remotely or even from home if needed. The technology solutions offered through SPOR has provided the ability for everybody to collaborate, no less than if they were all present within the same room.

VR Experience.

Take a virtual tour around the office to experience the quality of the installation.

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