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Meeting Rooms

With the SPOR meeting room designs you can wirelessly present, whiteboard, video or audio conference, and even annotate shared content.

SPOR work with our clients and our various technology partners to provide everything you need for team collaboration at the touch of a finger.

​Meeting rooms in todays working environment need to be simple and intuitive for your users to gain the most productivity out of the tools being used. That is why, the SPOR meeting rooms are designed with you in mind. They are easy to use, can be touch based and provide high quality collaboration experiences. Our designs integrate with the most common tools needed for team collaboration in the physical meeting space with a single, elegant device.

SPOR have designed a number of pre designed standard based meeting room solutions which can be simply and quickly on boarded and installed. If your request is more of a bespoke one, then the SPOR Design Engineers will work with you to determine the most cost effective and simple solution for your requirements. Bespoke solutions can include, control systems, single or multi screen displays, room booking capability as smart whiteboards.

Working with the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Poly and Bluejeans to name a few, SPOR can seamlessly integrate your meeting room requirements into your pre existing Unified Collaboration strategy.

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Meeting Rooms

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