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MDT Rooms

At SPOR, following our previous experience delivering projects for the NHS, we understand the importance technology plays when trying to communicate. That is why, working in partnership with Visionable, SPOR have created top of the range technology standards for the NHS for use in their Multi-Disciplinary Team Rooms (MDT Rooms).

MDT solutions enable NHS Doctors, nurses, diagnostic experts and other key people to join a team meeting, completely virtually. SPOR make it simple to bring these MDT Teams together, allowing them to concentrate on the things that matter without the worry of whether or not the technology is going to work.

We have worked with a number of NHS trusts to design and deliver a standardised solution for their MDT Room requirements making each room simple, scalable and user friendly. Through our experience refining these solutions with the NHS, you can rest assured that the MDT Technologies provided by SPOR will give you all the tools and information you need to make actionable decisions quickly.

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MDT Rooms

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