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Huddle Rooms

Ever needed to take a call or join a virtual meeting in an open office? The office environment can be a pretty distracting experience to users trying to participate in their virtual meetings. With the growing trend of open plan offices, huddle spaces are becoming a popular option within organisations. These smaller meeting spaces are perfect for your users to simply tuck themselves away, safe in the knowledge that they will not have external distractions when participating in their meetings.

The huddle rooms are perfect for exactly that, a small huddle of people gathering to collaborate and remain productive. These spaces are less expensive and generally require less powerful AV equipment, meaning they can be scaled easily and cost effectively.

The spaces also allow the flexibility of functionality and can be easily turned from a simple presentation space with a screen and presentation functionality into a video conference space using a simple camera.

SPOR’s approach to keeping things simple so that users can remain productive, lends itself perfectly with providing sustainable and cost-effective huddle spaces for your organisation. Our pre-configured rooms can be bought and installed off the shelf or we can work with you to provide a more bespoke option.

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Huddle Rooms

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