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The traditional boardroom is the centre piece of the operation. This is the setting where the big decisions are made. CEO’s, members of the board, investors, shareholders and important clients gather in this setting to make executive decisions and grow their businesses. This environment is vital to get right with your ProAV strategy. Audio Visual installations in this space need to work and they need to work reliably and with simplicity.

We work with the world’s largest manufacturers in the AV space including Cisco, Poly, Zoom, Microsoft and Bluejeans, to provide an agnostic approach to the perfect boardroom. This space provides an exciting opportunity for SPOR to design, supply, install and maintain a simple solution which allows your users to take part in video conferencing, presentation sharing and collaboration on a global scale. SPOR’s approach to providing simple and scalable solutions allows us to work with our clients to provide either pre-configured boardrooms or design bespoke to individual requirement.

Once installed, boardrooms can be managed by our maintenance facility either traditionally via raising tickets or through our remote managed service offering. SPOR’ss remote managed service allows users to proactively manage their space with daily reports and daily tests of all equipment. This allows the IT teams on site to rest in the knowledge that any technology problems arising will be flagged and will be reported completely automatically and remotely.

Modern meeting room technology makes global collaboration a possibility. Our simple approach to providing effective boardroom solutions for our clients provide easy options for senior executives to utilise the technology to its full potential.

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