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Category:Video game development companies Category:Video game companies of Canada Category:Video game companies established in 1994 Category:1994 establishments in OntarioUS Navy sailors aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower unloaded more than a ton of marijuana on a ship towing behind it on Sunday, authorities said. The crew of the Eisenhower first observed the suspicious-looking vessel while searching for a second vessel using a helicopter on Sunday morning, according to US Naval Criminal Investigative Service spokesman Ken Johnson. The Eisenhower was several miles away at the time, and its crew did not notify the vessel's crew, who turned out to be smugglers, Johnson said. It was the second time in the past three months that a U.S. warship came across a suspected smugglers' vessel. In late January, a helicopter crew from the USS Lake Champlain intercepted a fishing vessel being towed from South America by another smuggler's vessel. The Lake Champlain crew found 466 pounds of cocaine aboard the vessel. The July 4 incident came after the UN's top drug official, Antonio Maria Costa, said that at least 870 tons of cocaine are being smuggled through the Panama Canal each year. A second Panama Canal bypass is opening this month, which is expected to reduce the number of ships trying to circumvent the US's maritime borders. The new canal will be a boon for the US military and law enforcement who will be able to conduct more frequent patrols of the region and intercept cargo destined for the US. The problem is that the canal is controlled by Panama, a known drug-trafficking hotbed. According to the director-general of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Costa, some $70bn in cash is laundered through Panama annually and used to finance cartels. The UNODC said in a 2011 report that 80 percent of the world's cocaine is trafficked through Panama and other countries on the Central American isthmus. Related: How the canal bypass affects US drug policy Alleged Panama gunrunner: I'm innocent The Panama Canal bypass, due to open in mid-June, will allow larger cargo vessels to sail southward through the isthmus, instead of the traditional route north through Central America and the Caribbean. The bypass also means that it will be easier for the US military and law enforcement to patrol the waters. "The canal isn't




Wilco 737 Pilot In Command Crack Latest

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