Standard System - Google - BR - Single 86" - Wireless

SKU: SPOR-04-05-01-86-02
  • The SPOR AV Standard Google Meet Room offers an easy to use AV solution for your meeting and collaboration spaces.


    Google Meet

    SPOR AV’s Meet Meeting Room brings the same reliable, easy-to-join video meeting experience of Hangouts Meet to the conference room. Its curated set of components work together end-to-end to make engaging HD meetings affordable and headache-free.


    Ease of Use

    All SPOR AV Standardised AV Systems have be developed to make using them intuitive and simple. Our systems feature plug and play functionality. Simply plug your device in or start your meeting and the system will switch itself on. Disconnect your device or end your meeting and the system will automatically shut down.


    Logitech Tap

    A central point of control for all requirements of your meeting


    Crystal Clear Video

    SPOR AV Systems support video up to 4k UHD, ensuring support for the latest devices and maximum video quality.


    Flexible Connectivity

    Our systems allow for HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, USB-C, DisplayPort, and Mini-HDMI connections, meaning that whichever device you choose to use, our systems can support it.


    Discreet Installation

    Our systems are designed to be visually discreet. All of the systems cabling, and ancillary devices can be hidden away, leaving only the devices that require user interaction on display.


    Remote Monitoring and Management, Support, Analytics and Control

    All SPOR AV systems come equipped with Utelogy’s platform to support end user experiences, remote monitoring and management, automatic system testing and fault reporting, and room analytics, allowing your business to stay 1 step ahead of fault calls and future business requirements.


    Upgraded Audio Quality

    This system includes upgraded audio. Good quality audio reduces fatigue and helps users keep their concentration for longer.


    System Management

    All SPOR AV Boardroom systems come equipped with a wireless touch panel user interface to allow a detailed level of control of your meeting space.

    Day-to-day users will still enjoy the simple and intuitive user experience that is a key part of all SPOR AV systems, but the added functionality that the touch panel provides allows power-users or AV teams to have a deeper level of control of the meeting space hardware increasing its flexibility

    Wireless Presentation

    Present wirelessly from almost any device using the integrated VIA GO.