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A COVID - Safe Way of Returning to the Workplace

As restrictions steadily begin to ease across the globe, it is essential that offices are COVID-secure as organisations prepare for the return of staff to the workplace. Some companies will be closer to realising this reality than others but, regardless of timeframes, it is critical that, not only are strategies in place for when this time comes, but that they can also be readily implemented.

The act of reopening workspaces will undoubtedly involve a new way of working and will require the application of an effective space management approach to ensure compliance with the latest legislation and guidelines. The overriding objective is, of course, to ensure that staff are provided with a safe and reassuring working environment, whilst not adversely impacting the ability to perform their duties. Further, it is essential that contingency plans are in place in the event of a COVID-19 risk, or outbreak, to safeguard the wellbeing of all staff and/or visitors.

SPOR have teamed up with Space Connect to a guide for returning to the workplace post Covid.

The guide discusses:

- Embracing the "New Normal"

- The benefits of returning to the office

- How to use technology to socially distance

- Contactless environments

And much more.

Download your return to office guide here:

COVID-Safe Return to Work - Space Connec
Download • 2.66MB

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