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How Technology Can Help with Social Distancing Requirements

With the UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer stating that social distancing will be needed, at least to the end of the year 1, businesses and organisations are looking to technology solutions to help them adapt their working practices. Many businesses have been hit financially by the Covid-19 outbreak and, now with the lockdown easing, are looking for ways to reboot their operations - whilst safely implementing the new guidelines . Likewise, educational institutions, workplaces and the transport sector, are all keen to get back to some sort of normality, whilst protecting the safety of their students, staff and customers . In this guide we will outline technology solutions available that can aid with social distancing requirements.

Download our guide now for information on how technology can guide social distancing in:

1 - Retail

2 - Workplaces

3 - Transport Sector

4 - Universities

Our guide gives you a brand agnostic approach to implementing technology to help manage your social distancing efforts. Download your guide by clicking the SPOR AV link below

Download PDF • 5.59MB

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