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Poly Trio Launches Trio C60

Today Poly launched the new Poly Trio C60 conference phone, which has a lot more power behind it than previous Trio models, and there are various use cases that our customers will appreciate. Trio C60 delivers in spades when it comes to flexibility. Not only can it be used as a standalone solution as a high-quality conference phone for all room sizes, but it can also control other Poly solutions like the Poly Studio X or G7500. The Trio C60 will support a variety of the leading open SIP and UC&C services, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, allowing for flexibility of platforms.

Poly’s Trio 8800 is one of the fastest selling conference phones of all time. The new Trio C60 builds on these rich features and then some. In the Trio C60, Poly have introduced NoiseBlock AI, which filters out errant noise while preserving human speech. Imagine one person is talking as another person clatters noisily on their keyboard right next to them. NoiseBlock AI keeps the conversation natural and focused. Poly continues to drive audio innovation across our entire portfolio, and it will come as no surprise that Poly's distinctive audio capabilities really shine in the new Trio !!

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