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Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet – innovation and collaboration at it’s best.

Whilst riding the waves of the current global pandemic, we’ve relied heavily on technology to keep us connected. A void left by physical social distancing has seen us take to our desks, cameras and microphones in eager attempt to collaborate efficiently; and while many of us will have experienced screen fatigue and video conferencing exhaustion (yes, this is a real thing!), we’ve also reaped the abundant benefits of fast-advancing technology.

Recently, we’ve been discussing the future of workplace meetings as we’ve explored the revolution of Huddle Rooms – a hybrid meeting solution that can drive collaboration, creativity and culture. For over a year, virtual meetings have steered our continued productivity within the corporate arena, but this isn’t new; instead, just a movement that’s been accelerated as we configure ways to work together, but more safely. Of course, it can be expected that if we, as physical human beings, can adapt to change so readily, then technology should do the same – and that’s exactly what’s happened.

Where once, you could have only imagined seamless collaboration with a one-touch application; now you can experience it for real. With a Logitech Room Solution for Google Meet, you’ll be treated to easy content sharing, centre room control with high-quality audio and visuals; and if you’re not already sold on the concept of fast, quick and easy communication, perhaps knowing all systems are neatly packaged ready for installation will fast seal the deal. But stop! What is Google Meet and why should you be using it? It’s a good question, and one we certainly have the answer to. Google Meet, also known as Google Hangouts Meet, is a trusted and reputable software solution developed to accommodate virtual meetings of anywhere between 2 – 100 people at any one time. Pretty impressive, right?

Primarily pioneered for businesses and organisations, Google Meet is a first-choice video conferencing platform that’s used world-wide; and it’s not a passing trend. It’s become such a popular option for collaborative working that in 2020, Google invested significant financial capital to expand their offering, introducing a premium edition of the software. At Google Meet’s highest price point, large-scale organisations can accommodate up to 250 people on one single conferencing call, and with intelligent noise cancellation and live streaming in-domain available, you’re guaranteed a meeting experience second to none.

Well, very almost.

SAY HELLO TO LOGITECH… On the subject of collaboration, you can unreservedly elevate the virtual conferencing experience when you team Google Meet’s efficient software with high-end technology from Logitech. Offering a variety of room options, available in small, medium and large configurations, Logitech makes it easier than ever to transform workplace meeting spaces into effective hybrid communication arenas.

Designed for focus rooms and smaller conferencing facilities, Logitech’s most basic configuration minimises cabling and saves space with Logitech MeetUp – a miniature all-in-one conferencecam with extra wide field of view and integrated audio. Powered by performance, not size – this micro but mighty piece of equipment is all you’ll need for crystal clear video and front of room audio. Logitech Tap device included, there’s no compromise here for easy connectivity and efficient content sharing, making it an all-round front-runner for smaller meetings and more compact huddle spaces.

But if you’re hosting big and the budget can be stretched, you might want to invest in one of Logitech’s larger room solutions. A medium room configuration will see your system upgrade to the Logitech Rally Bar – a Premium Ultra HD conferencecam that offers flattering light even in dim or backlight conditions. Inclusive of a front-mounting speaker, tabletop mic pod complete with directional audio, and reduced noise and echo enhancements, this is the ideal choice for mid-size meetings. Video conferencing reimagined, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of Logitech’s premium components, sleek industrial design and of course – one tap technology to kickstart your next meeting.

Top of the Logitech leader board, the Rally Plus conferencecam takes centre stage in the manufacturer’s largest configuration system. Packaged neatly on arrival, you’ll receive 2 speakers and 2 mic pods for expanded coverage, with the option to add in additional pods of up to 7. This means Logitech’s largest room configuration can be easily adapted for rooms of around 46 people. If all seats at the table are fully booked for your next conference, here’s an accommodating solution that works for everyone. Regardless of size, all of Logitech’s Room Solutions for Google Meet come with commercial-grade cabling and 10m USB cable (which can be upgraded to 25m), printed setup guides, online configuration wizard and access to Logitech’s support services. The Logitech Tap device is also included providing a responsive 10.1” touchscreen which is also fan-free for silent operation.

There you have it; the brilliant and innovative pairing between Google Meet and Logitech that offers efficient, seamless collaboration. A fresh-edge approach to huddle rooms and virtual conferencing; a winning combination that powers productivity and performance. At SPOR, we’ve partnered with industry best to supply expertly pioneered technology to businesses and organisations keen to unlock their full potential. To enquire about any one of our Logitech Room Solutions or huddle space configurations, call us today and speak with one of our experts.

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