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How Do You Up-Level your Conference Experience with Video

SPOR AV work in partnership with Zoom to provide simple collaboration rooms in the form of easily deployable Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that tackles the biggest pain points in the conference room: starting a meeting, booking a meeting, and sharing content—this means more time being productive and less time scrambling for meeting IDs and cables.

Essentially, it’s what your conference room is meant to be, with:

● Flawless video and audio conferencing

● Instant wireless content sharing from any device

● One tap to start a meeting

All with the bonus of simplified management.

Any space can easily become a modern, simple-to-use Zoom Room... from tiny huddle rooms, to executive offices, to huge training centers. And whether you have a few rooms, or a few thousand, Zoom Rooms is effortlessly scalable. Watch this 3 minute product video that does a great job explaining what a Zoom Room is.

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