Desk Booking – it’s hot stuff, and here’s why you need it too.

As restrictions begin to lift across the globe; we start the countdown to an inevitable return to work. Where office spaces were once filled with busy teams and shared occupied desks, a post-covid environment is unlikely to look quite the same. Now, business decision makers and office managers will be prompted to rethink and restructure, innovating new ways to increase workplace footfall whilst still keeping infection rates low. Adaptability is key here, and in a world steered by digital revolution, technology will sit behind the many changes we expect to see implemented.

So, how will workforces commune and collaborate productively without compromising health, safety and strict covid regulations? It’s a question of a thousand different answers; a myriad of modern-day solutions all of which will be transitioned into each workplace differently.

The future of work has changed for certain, but the need to be together has not, with statistics from a recent global study from JLL (2020) suggesting that 74% of employees are seeking a return to the workplace. In mirrored contrast, through a survey carried out by beeweet, 74% of survey respondents agree that the ability to work remotely would make them less likely to leave their employer. Quite the conundrum, where perhaps the most appropriate solution for a happy, healthy and productive workforce is to have a flexible and agile approach to how teams are asked to work. Cue desk booking… a digitally effective way of managing office floorspace, reducing costs and keeping infection risks to an absolute minimum. In an era where hot-desking is swiftly proving popular, this relatively modern approach to space management is certainly picking up momentum. When it comes to embracing the ‘new normal’ desk booking solutions such as those offered by leading provider, Space Connect, will allow facilities managers to integrate teams whilst still efficiently adhering to social distancing requirements. It all sounds too good to be true, so how does this all work and why is it the go-to-solution for a hybrid home-to-office working regime? Let’s face it, not everybody needs their desk all of the time. In fact, most of us will appreciate a reprieve away from our regular workstation, fully capable of managing our workloads and task lists remotely and independently. Over the last year, we’ve realised that we’re no more tied to our office desks than we can be working from home, and this sudden shift has almost certainly changed and shaped the future. Now, office managers and company owners are asking two very critical questions – ‘How can we open our offices safely, and do we really need to pay a lot to do it?’.

Well, the answer to the latter, is no. Implementing a new desk booking system means commercial property tenants are actually likely to see significant cost savings, reducing rates as they require less floor space and undoubtedly cutting back on various other office expenses, such as heating, electricity, internet and data allowances as they lessen the amount of footfall on average working day. Though desk booking is not simply a cost-cutting exercise worth thinking about; quickly, easily and effectively, business managers are able to view and manage office capacity simply through the convenience of an intuitive smart app. Right now, it’s paramount that businesses can provide a COVID-secure working environment and desk booking is perhaps one of the most fundamental aspects to ensuring workforce confidence. As office managers begin to strategize how the return to work may look; many will be considering a space management asset to not only positively impact confidence and performance right now, but to also futureproof the stability of their business.

Desk booking made easy… …with Space Connect’s automated desk management software – a solution that enables an automated and wireless way for employees to view desks, book available space, and find colleagues all on an interactive floor plan. More than this, check in and check out can be done automatically as employees arrive to, and leave their desks. This smart automation process uses sensors and presence detection, which allows the software to record real time desk occupancy, updating data as employees move from their designated spaces. In effortless collaboration, it’s never been easier to integrate Space Connect’s management software with real time data sensors such as the XY Sense. Together, they are the ultimate combination for smarter, socially distanced seating. Space Connect’s complex and comprehensive workforce application allows users to book desks ahead of the required time period, and easily cancel when a desk is no longer needed. The app’s visual interactive floor plans mean it’s easier than ever to choose by preference, as all available desks are highlighted green and occupied desks blocked out from selection.

Much more than a convenience solution for employees, Space Connect’s desk booking software supports office managers in being strictly COVID compliant. System administrators are provided with access to a real time data analytics reporting platform which provides up-to-the-minute visual dashboards and data export reporting capabilities. This allows office facilitators and workforce organisers to make accurate data-driven decisions when designing and managing their office spaces with precision. In summary, it’s fair to say this is a fresh-edge solution for workspace management that’s truly transformational, and we know what you’re thinking; hot tech like this must take something pretty extra to implement? Well, not quite. In fact, Space Connect’s awesome space management asset is simple and easy to integrate and better still, it can be set up in next to no time, meaning you’re not waiting around to re-open the office safely and securely. Finished to high-spec standards, this ultimate desk booking solution is not only fast and affordable but completely risk free too. It’s customisable, easy to use and effortlessly powerful, providing a fairly remarkable workplace solution that will work for, well… just about everyone.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re keen to find out more, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve partnered with Anders+Kern to provide our customers with Space Connect’s seamless desk booking experience. If you’d like to see how we can support your team with the transition back to work, pick up the phone and speak to one of our product specialists today. Call us on (tel no) to discuss our range of workplace solutions and find the one that’s perfect for you.