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Lets Make This Simple - Meeting Room Technology, Ready to Deploy

SPOR AV supports the Zoom Rooms Ecosystem design standards. These designs are created with the understanding that failure within the meeting space is not an option. The Zoom engineers work tirelessly testing a variety of components to ensure that they will work within the Ecosystem each and every time they are deployed.

For the products that are finally recommended and added to the Zoom Rooms Standards, SPOR AV provides a service level agreement that we will be able to ship your Zoom Rooms product within 24-hours of receiving a Purchase Order.

Don’t be confused by all the miscellaneous manufacturers who say they are Zoom Certified. While many manufacturers obtain a Zoom Rooms certification for their product, which means yes it will work with Zoom software. The Standards that have been developed means all of the components within the Standard have been tested to perform at their optimal best together within a Zoom Rooms environment.

SPOR AV's engineering team also provides design services for those rooms that may need a more custom touch. Submit basic information to our Engineering Team and you can receive a quote within as little as an hour.

SPOR AV prides itself over delivering on your requirements.


Want to learn more? Schedule a meeting by hitting the link below for further information.

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