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Monzo fit-out

Good banking made easy; and with SPOR’s specialist technology solutions, Monzo now have a fully connective and functional workspace.

A substantial brief from our fast-growing client, SPOR were instructed to design 96 rooms within Monzo’s new office, installing cutting-edge technology across six floors of their impressive Shoreditch workplace.


  • Design

  • Install

  • Boardrooms

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Cafe Areas

  • Huddle Rooms

  • Breakout Spaces

Total meeting rooms.

96 Rooms across 6 floors



Monzo’s mantra has always been towards creating environments where people feel like they can bring themselves to work. It is with this in mind that we created a collaborative experience by providing the tools needed to truly communicate easily and intuitively. They are a young and diligent organisation and we needed to work closely with them to provide tools which enhanced their user experience when they come to work.

Chris Gore, Operations Director - SPOR

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It is no secret that Monzo have grown exponentially over recent years.
With this substantial company growth, it was inevitable that they’d need to increase the size of their original office in Shoreditch. SPOR were contracted to work closely with Monzo, to design and install all of their meeting room and collaboration spaces. Catering for various working preferences, the SPOR designers worked with Monzo’s technical team and end users to design a solution which worked easily for the Monzo employees.


Spaces included open work zones, collaboration spaces in a variety of different forms as well as boardrooms and café areas. The collaboration spaces provided by SPOR have truly allowed the Monzo users to work as they please, in ways suited to their preference. As such, our innovative technology solutions now foster an increase in productivity throughout the company.

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