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Having the correct workplace technology solutions in place will improve communication amongst your organisation, provide data which drives decisions on real estate and travel which ultimately helps your business become more profitable


Transform your workplace

At SPOR we pride ourselves on providing workplace technology solutions that transform the way organisations connect, communicate and collaborate on a global stage. We have helped many businesses like yours to...
  • Provide scalable and intuitive meeting room technology solutions

  • Design and implement workplace technology solutions including collaboration and smart building technology

  • Increase productivity through providing technology solutions for people to collaborate anywhere and at any time

  • Increase customer relationships through connectivity

“Spor AV were an excellent company to work with. They completed the necessary site surveys and system planning  phase quickly, and their engineers were professional, efficient and courteous, and worked hard to accommodate some lastminute requests during the installation phase. We are pleased with the end result and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others”.

Adham Nicola, Systems Manager @ LNWH NHS Trust

An assessment of your current workplace technology
Brand agnostic insights on suitable technology for your needs
Expert answers to your most pressing technology questions
A strategy for workplace technology improvements

Would you like to...

  • Increase your return on investment with your workplace technology solutions

  • Build a standardised solutions for your offices that can be easily scaled and adopted by the users

  • Incorporate 'smart building' technology within your workspace

  • Engage your users through simple and intuitive technology solutions

  • Improve productivity output through your technology deployments

  • Collaborate easily and affordably as an organisation

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